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02:07pm 30/06/2005






Be An Emo Kid
in my dreams its me & you .   
01:33pm 30/06/2005
  wow i havent updated this fucker in a long time i might just start using livejournal again. half of the ppl on my friends list probabuly dont even know who i am....gosh...lately nothin has been up. school ended i passed all my classes. ive got thru relationships. and im currently single and it sucks. ive changed alot i guess for the better. i mean how can a person change for the worse right? every lil bit of change is for the best. well i think im gonna go make a new livejournal and start using that

post screen name when i make it

aim: STFU its MANDA
myspace: www.myspace.com/someprettypistol
xanga: www.xanga.com/ohthe_summertime

<3 manda
Be An Emo Kid
Cut My Lips and Black My Eyes   
05:16pm 09/01/2005
  Sorry i havent updated her in awhile ive just been never on the computer. i got my grades a couple dayz ago
World History-B
pretty good...huh
lol the new semester is coming up soon....new classes yay lol
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argh i hate men   
08:51pm 07/01/2005
mood: bitchy
argh i hate men!!!!

issues with justin argh dont feel like explainin just yet till i find everything

im hanging with morgan so lata bitches

<3 manda
Be An Emo Kid
Fiction We Live   
05:13pm 01/01/2005
mood: confused
happy new years everyone hopefully your new years was better than mine. mine consided of fake smiles and tears...no joke...justin called me around 5-ish and asked me if i really loved him i said yes then i asked him *huge mistake* and he said no....i then just broke down and felt that every time he said i love u it was a lie...my heart is broken then after we hung up i wiped my tears and went downstairs and watched the countdown on mtv...then a lil after midnight justin called and we talked about everything. cried on the phone with him at least 2 times...then fell asleep then i woke up today feeling like crap too a shower got dressed...then lilly called. then i played canasta with my g'ma, sissy and my mommie now i am waiting for justin to call so we can do something tonight but i highly doubt he will get home from band practice in time cuz it is already 5:30 argh i dont know why i deal with his shit

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Love Me For Me   
09:11pm 31/12/2004
  well sorry for the lack of updates....im just soo lazy.....winter break....open presents on the 22rd....i got
From Mom and Dan:
-a jack skellington doll-
-2 marilyn monroe posters-
-hot pink mariyln shirt-
-dragon and japanesse symbol comforter-
-matching sheets-
-tinker bell pajama bottoms-
-kitty pajama tee-
-camo pj pants-
-camo tank top-
-bunch of make-up-
-make-up case-
-lip gloss-
-marilyn postcards-
From Friends:
-jelly bracelets and gel pens from jess-
-2 edward sissorhands poster from justin-
-body wash and lotion and a lofa from andrea-
-perfume and other stuff from morgan-
-$80 from relatives-
-bracelet and necklace from my cousin steph-
-jewerly from grandma ann-
thats it i think....anyways

went to ohio stayed for x-mas left on the 27th.morgan spent the night....justin, morgan, drew, and i went to the mall....now its new years...
im soo bored. justin was supposed to come over but he couldnt get a ride over here. and dan said that if he came over here*he was gonna go get him* he would have to leave around 10:30 and it was already 6:30 so he is gonna come over tomorrow and chill after band practice at noon...that means i have to get up early tomorrow grr....i dont care....justin has been a doushe all week....it seems that he barely makes time for me...frankly its pissing me off...it just seems that he has better things to do then to see me or talk to me or that he is too busy to...argh....i hope nothhing bad happens to us...:(

ehh im gonna go

if u want IM me

AIM demented5yearold

love yaz
Manda Panda
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I can't make it on my own...my heart is in CALIFORNIA   
07:56pm 15/12/2004
mood: pissed off
ok i just started talkin to lindz over AIM and she needs me really bad back there and she knows that i cant just pick up everything and leave everything here behind. i have friends and a boyfriend here. i hope she understands that i just cant leave. it would break justins heart if i left to goto california. i actully like it here in VA. i mean i would give anything to go back to cali but i just cant ya know. i would have all the oppertuitnities i have here. my dad can barely afford to have me live with him not to mention that i would become a perment baby sitter. i would probabuly begin cuttin again and i dont want to be the same girl i was in california. virginia has changed me for the better and the worse. argh!!!!!!!
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such an unfaithful bride...   
07:08pm 15/12/2004
mood: giggly

hey everyone well today was a pretty normal day for me.

got up took a shower got dressed did hair and makeup got on the bus. went to school. went to math. did boring ass work .then i went to PE didnt dress out me and kaleigh just chilled on the side lines. nora was back i was soo happy to see her. then i went to 3rd block was bored cuz mrs sanchez wouldnt give me my absent work...argh....then i went to lunch i think i pissed brit off by bringing up david...oppsy....then went back to spanish and wrote FATA lyrics then i went to 4th block and did all my work blah blah.............went home ate dinner talked to justin on the phone...anywayz im gonna go cuz i hate this journal

im going to c from autumn to ashes tomorrow niggas whooo hoooo!!

<33 manda

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m,4,v,t,c and h might need to provide this number at the gate   
10:12pm 13/12/2004
mood: indescribable
hey everyone. blah. well my friend morgan spent the night on saturday night. we moehawked my hair and just messed around with hers. beeswax is a pain in the ass to get out. its monday now and my hair is still greasy for it. anywayz. we talked to our boys on the phone till about 3am and watched house of 1000 corpses. then she layed down and i burnt cds then i passed out on my couch and woke up around 7 and hung out then justin came over then danni*her boyfriend* came over. then monday rolled around i woke up at 7:30 with is late took a quick shower got dress did hair and make up then got a ride to school hung out and made flyers for justins show. well dan needs the computer ill update later

<3333 manda
Be An Emo Kid
Yesterday you gave your burden a face.   
04:12pm 11/12/2004
mood: pissed off
hey everyone reading this. this is not my first livejournal. i just got sick of seeing people with the almost the same screen name as me which was kisses_kill. so i shall be using this one cuz this one is cooler anywayz.........

im boredd

<3 Manda
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